Please remember that it is a rental service we offer which includes, buying and paying for a tree, paying someone to dress it, buying and paying for lamps, putting it up, taking it down, connecting it up and looking after it, whilst it is up. This includes replacement lamps. So less worries. One bill inclusive. And you can use our brackets / Holder for your Flags or Hanging Baskets in Summer, also for which we would also be pleased to quote you for.

A. Standard Tree, Bracket and lights. A 4ft-5ft tree at up to 10ft level £50.00
(Coloured or all white lamps. State preference.)

B.Two Trees one either side of shop with or without discretionery row between. £60.00 (Most popular and standard installation. Again state lamp preferences.)

C. Larger Trees or Specials 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, up to 25ft at 15ft, 20ft, 30ft. Levels.
(By Quotation from £45.00 to £200.00.)

D. Existing Customer Arrangements as per usual upon acceptance of revised payment proceedure.


(Prospective new customers should be mindful of the need to arrange with us to fit brackets and wiring before 1st November when existing paid up members installations of - dressed trees, into existing holders, take precidence.)
Please fill in the form below to order your Christmas Decorations for the 2012 into 2013 season.

Place where tree's and Lights to be fitted?
Name of person paying the bill:
Address of person paying the bill:
Telephone of person paying the bill:

Please Note:
All payments must be made before November 1st, and those paid for recieve priority installation, which commences November 1st.

Brackets, bolts, wiring and plugs remaining our property for use each year by our scheme.

Please make Payment to:

G.V. Higton, T/A. Community and Seasonal Engineering